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  • P-51 Can Opener


    P-51 Can Opener

    The 5ive Star Gear Can Openers are an exact copy of the originals that were first developed in 1942. They are a small can opener that was issued in the canned field rations of the United States Armed Forces from World War II to the 1980s. Originally...

  • Black


    S-Biner Stainless Steel SlideLock - 3 Pack

    Organize, connect, carry, and keep your valuables extra secure with the S-Biner SlideLock Double-Gated Carabiner. Made of high quality stainless steel, the S-Biner SlideLock features two simple, innovative plastic sliders that slide into place to keep...

  • Thin Red Line Thin Blue/Red Line

    Thin Blue Line

    NYPD Garden Flag, 12 x 18 Inches

    The New York Police Department Garden Flag is a piece of pride to be displayed in front of your home. The size and design creates a perfect complement to landscaping and gardens alike. With a durable build, this flag will stand the test of weather and...

  • Gi Spec 3-fold Shovel


    Gi Spec 3-fold Shovel

    The 5ive Star Gear GI Spec 3-Fold Shovel is an exact copy of the original U.S. Military version. The tri-fold design folds up for easy carrying and storage when not in use. It opens to 23 inches when fully extended and collapses to 9.5 inches when closed...

  • Tactical Mirror & Case


    Tactical Mirror & Case

    Clip the pocket-sized Tactical Mirror to the end of an extended ASP Baton, and use to see around corners and help to clear rooms from safe cover. Officers also use the mirror to minimize risk of exposure to hidden needles when doing drug searches. With...

  • Hardpoint M1 + Md

    5.11 Tactical

    Hardpoint M1 + Md

    Introducing our latest addition to the Hardpoint Carabiner family. The combination of the M1 and MD is the easiest way to connect—and the fastest way to deploy—small accessories to the MOLLE webbing on tactical packs, pouches, and load-bearing vests...

  • Camjam Cord Tightener - Single Pack


    Camjam Cord Tightener - Single Pack

    Designed to lock securely into place with a simple pull of a cord, the Nite Ize CamJam is an easy, knot-free way to tighten, tension, and secure lighter loads of all kinds. Made of sturdy, durable plastic, it features a carabiner clip with a stainless...

  • Super Absorbent Microfiber Towel

    Voodoo Tactical

    Super Absorbent Microfiber Towel

    Super lightweight and ultra soft this mighty towel holds five times its weight in water and dries faster than regular towels. Snap hang loop for easy dry with washing instructions on the inside. Compacts to incredibly small packing size which will fit...

  • Stainless Steel Spork


    Stainless Steel Spork

    The 5ive Star Gear Stainless Steel Spork is a spoon-fork-knife combo that brings a little bit of civilization to the woods. It is 100% stainless steel, dishwasher safe, and great to carry in your bag, glove box, or office for meals on the go.

  • Tan OD Green


    Duct Tape

    This Duct Tape is a high performance, waterproof, and sealing tape used for military and aerospace packaging and other demanding applications. It can also be used for surface masking and for other challenging repair, bundling and seaming applications...

  • Green


    Radiant Rechargeable ShineLine - Lime/Green LED

    Get ready to shine! The seamless, lightweight, and rechargeable ShineLine creates a modern, eye-catching line of light wherever you feel most at home, instantly attaching to a patio, tent, bike, or RV with just a twist of the included Gear Ties.

  • Tan OD Green Black

    Caliber Gourmet

    Tactical Stocking

    Caliber Gourmet Tactical Stocking in Tan. Perfect Holiday Stocking for hunting and shooting enthusiasts. Has multiple attachments, a handle, and outside draw pocket. Patches are held with hook and loop fastners. Size: 19.0 x 8.5 in. Accessories not...

  • 50 Caliber Bottle Opener

    Caliber Gourmet

    50 Caliber Bottle Opener

    Made from the spent shell of a real 50 caliber bullet, the casing is now harmless but still packs a punch! The CBG-1016 50 Caliber Bottle Opener protrudes from the bottom of the bullet. Now you can really put a dent into any bottle that stands in your...

  • Silver

    Caliber Gourmet

    Revolver Cylinder Pen Holder

    Show‚em you mean business when you draw your pen out of the Revolver Chamber. Go ahead, make my day! Keep your writing materials locked and loaded with the CBG-1007 Gun Cylinder Pen Holder. Your sense of style will blow away your coworkers while keeping...

  • Combat Condiments

    Caliber Gourmet

    Combat Condiments

    The Caliber Gourmet CBG-1005 Combat Condiment ketchup and mustard dispensers are designed to look like grenades. Let the flavors of your BBQ explode with the Combat Condiments! Flip the top open and squeeze the grenade to dispense your favorite...

  • Bullet Salt & Pepper Shakers

    Caliber Gourmet

    Bullet Salt & Pepper Shakers

    The Caliber Gourmet Bullet Salt and Pepper shakers are a tactical and strategic addition to your table, Perfect for any hunter, gun enthusiast or military person. Let our Shakers add a little shot of salt and pepper to your food.