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  • Edt Pry

    5.11 Tactical

    Edt Pry

    Whenever you need extra leverage, reach for the EDT Pry. You’ll find countless ways to use this keychain carry everyday tool. Constructed from durable stainless steel, the EDT Pry features a pry tip that doubles as a flat-head screwdriver in a pinch. We...

  • SOG PowerAssit Black Oxide Nylon Sheath


    SOG PowerAssit Black Oxide Nylon Sheath

    The PowerAssist takes multi-tools to the next level. This is the first in the world to house not just one but two SOG Assisted Technology blades. Start to open the main blades, which are available when the main tool is closed and S.A.T. takes over to...

  • SOG PowerLock w V-Cutter Nylon Sheath


    SOG PowerLock w V-Cutter Nylon Sheath

    The PowerLock’s success over the years has been documented by countless testimonials where the PowerLock starts when other tools stop. It is our workhorse and the center for our entire Multi-tool line. Flip opening, locking components, gear covers,...

  • Hooyman Hatchet


    Hooyman Hatchet

    Hooyman Large Hatchet is eighteen inches. Hooyman is expanding the line of products into tools built for every aspect of land management. Each tool is designed with purpose to deliver the best performance for the task at hand. Hooyman tools are designed...

  • Coleman Folding Shovel And Pick Black 2000016390


    Coleman Folding Shovel And Pick Black 2000016390

    The Coleman Folding Shovel & Pick is three tools in one: use it as a shovel, pick, or saw. Made of strong tempered forged steel, the Folding Shovel & Pick measures 23" long when unfolded, but folds down to a compact 10" for easy packing and storing, with...

  • Cold Steel Pipe Hawk Axe 7.5 in Head 22.0 in Overall Length

    Cold Steel

    Cold Steel Pipe Hawk Axe 7.5 in Head 22.0 in Overall Length

    Precision forged from 1055 carbon steel, Cold Steel’s Pipe Hawk offers a long, wide cutting edge and a solid, fully hardened hammer poll that’s turned and ribbed to mimic a traditional hollow pipe bowl. It’s fitted with a 22" hickory handle and is heavy...

  • Weekender Professional Gunsmith Kit

    Birchwood Casey

    Weekender Professional Gunsmith Kit

    Specific tasks demand specific tools and that's why we brought you the Birchwood Casey Weekender. Featuring 27 professional gunsmith selected tools, the Weekender has everything the at-home gunsmith needs to perform a multitude of tasks and projects on...

  • Ka-bar Sharpener


    Ka-bar Sharpener

    The 9926 KA-BAR Sharpener is a portable sharpening tool that is small enough to carry in your pocket.  Made in the USA with Creamid and carbide inserts, the Sharpener has an overall length of 6.375” and a weight of 0.15 lb.  Sharpens knives at an angle...

  • SOG Tactical Tomahawk


    SOG Tactical Tomahawk

    Based on the Vietnam Tomahawk, the new Tactical Tomahawk is an extreme evolution of the original which was considered one of the more unusual weapons of its day. Today there is a real need for a versatile tool for breaching operations, excavation,...

  • SOG PowerAccess


    SOG PowerAccess

    Pocketable, streamlined, and comfortable: the PowerAccess is the ultimate EDC multi-tool. Equipped with patented gear-driven Compound Leverage mechanism, the PowerAccess doubles the torque at plier jaws maintaining grip and reducing chances of slipping...

  • SOG Fasthawk


    SOG Fasthawk

    The SOG FastHawk is faster, lighter, more agile, and easier to carry than its sibling the Tactical Tomahawk. This is not to stay it is not still powerful, versatile, and functional. It is a tool that will be used for much more than you might anticipate...

  • SOG Mac V Tool


    SOG Mac V Tool

    Whether you need to open a bottle, tighten a screw, pry a staple out, or touch up a blade on the go, the MacV Tool has what you need. Designed to resemble the original skull from the MACV-SOG group of which SOG company is named after, the MacV Tool is a...

  • SOG Camp Axe - 9000996


    SOG Camp Axe - 9000996

    Designed for hammering and chopping, this compact axe makes a great outdoor tool. Its light weight and small size makes it easy to transport and stow. Keep it at your side as a quick and versatile go-to tool for starting fires, clearing campsites, and...

  • SOG Flint


    SOG Flint

    It's hard to find as many survival features in an item as one would in the Flint. The Flint packs enough survival and defensive components to get you through the night or away from danger. In a tool the size of a pencil, the Flint has a built-in fire...

  • SOG Voodoo Hawk Mini Satin


    SOG Voodoo Hawk Mini Satin

    The original SOG Voodoo Hawk was designed as a combination of our tactical Tomahawk and FastHawk. This Voodoo Hawk Mini is smaller and lighter while featuring the same components; an extended cutting head, spike for piercing applications, compact...

  • SOG Survival Hawk Black Oxide


    SOG Survival Hawk Black Oxide

    It's hard to go wrong with carrying a light, fast, and feature-rich tomahawk. Decked out with reflective paracord wrapped handle, ferrocerium firestarter rod in the handle, nail puller, hammering head, and sharp multi-purpose blade, the Survival Hawk is...