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Climbing Sticks, Hang On & Ladder Stands

Climbing tree stands are a great way to move from tree to tree during the season so you can be more adaptable in your pursuit of wary game, especially on public land - but lightweight climbing sticks and hang-on tree stands are a close second. Comfortable climbing sticks enable you to set up silently and get up into your treestand leaving hardly a trace, and many of them are folding, nesting, lightweight models that set up quickly, easily, and silently while only adding a few ounces or pounds to your pack. The fall woods are calling and opening day is right around the corner. Be prepared this season by replacing your aging climbing stands, sticks, and other hunting gear with something newer, stronger, lighter, and quieter.

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  • Millennium 10' Tripod Stand TWT10000_3 TWT10000_2 TWT10000_1


    Millennium 10' Tripod Stand

    The T100 10-Foot Ultralite Tripod This is a tripod designed by hunters for hunters. Combined, the seat and tripod legs weigh only 36 pounds. The stand itself can be set up in under a minute, from the time it comes off your shoulder to the time you are...

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