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Turkey calls are a vital component of the turkey hunter’s repertoire, especially in the spring season when toms and jakes are actively looking for hens. Birds are often at their most aggressive - and most vocal - in the spring.

The main types of turkey calls are:

● Box calls and push calls - Probably the easiest to use, but require the use of the hands, and are not good in the rain.
● Slate calls or pot calls - Easy to use, more versatile than box calls, but require more skill and also require the use of the hands.
● Diaphragm calls or mouth calls - Require some skill to operate but leave both hands free to use the bow or shotgun.
● Locator calls - These calls do not simulate wild turkey sounds; rather, they mimic crows, owls, or other animals and can often “shock” a tom into gobbling, giving away his location.
● Gobble calls - Simulate the gobble of an adult male turkey and challenge males, encouraging them to come to investigate.

Pro-tip: Keep more than one type of turkey hunting call in your vest. All calls have a unique pitch and tenor and sound like different birds. Calling with more than one call can dupe a tom into thinking you’re a flock of birds instead of one lone individual, increasing your chances that he’ll come closer to you.

  • Hunters Specialties Bleat Doe Estrus Adult

    Hunters Specialties Bleat Doe Estrus Adult

    The Hunters Specialties Adult Doe Deer Can Bleat make the sound of a doe in estrus. This Deer Call manufactured by Hunters Specialties is a great way for hunters to attract deer in estrus by imitating their mating call. The Hunter's Specialties Deer Can...

  • Primos Turkey Call Starter Pak

    Primos Turkey Call Starter Pak

    This pack has everything you need to get started on your next turkey adventure. The Turkey Starter Pak includes a Sonic Dome Mouth Call, Sonic Dome Slate Call, Slim Striker and a double sided box call. This pack is excellent for beginners and advanced...

  • Hunters Specialties Stru Suzie Snood Slate Pan Call

    Hunters Specialties Stru Suzie Snood Slate Pan Call

    Intended to be considered as a great instrument for pretty much any hunter, the Hunter's Specialties Hs Strut Turkey Call Pot Style Suzie Snood Slate is the game call you'll want with you when you're out in the field. Crafted using exceptionally heavy...

  • Hunters Specialties Bleat Doe Estrus Young

    Hunters Specialties Bleat Doe Estrus Young

    The Young Doe Estrus Bleat is an effective and easy to use canned deer call that brings in those curious bucks looking for a date. This call is perfect for up close or close range calling mimicking the sounds of a young doe searching for her knight with...

  • Western Rivers Mantis 25 Predator Call

    Western Rivers Mantis 25 Predator Call

    The Mantis 25 Predator is a compact handheld caller that comes preloaded with 25 different enticing calls and an amazing 105Db sound output that will pique a predator's curiosity to come in closer. The 4-way rubberized keypad call section is easy to use...

  • Western Rivers Eichler Game Caller Single Speaker

    Western Rivers Eichler Game Caller Single Speaker

    The Western Rivers Fred Eichler Predator call offers one of the highest values for your dollar of any caller on the market. It features an intensified volume with high quality realistic sounds for superior sound performance. The ergonomically designed 2...

  • Western Rivers Mantis 50 Compact Handheld Caller

    Western Rivers Mantis 50 Compact Handheld Caller

    Western Rivers, a leader in the manufacturing of quality game calls designed for day and night sport hunters, introduces their Mantis 50 game call. The Mantis 50 is a compact handheld caller that comes preloaded with 50 different enticing calls and an...

  • Flextone Lightning Owl

    Flextone Lightning Owl

    Flextone combined the best of two classic call styles to bring you the ultimate owl hooter. The Flextone Lightning Owl is part reed call, part barrel call, all parts effective. The oversized barrel does the work for you by creating automatic...

  • Flextone Lightning Crow

    Flextone Lightning Crow

    Whether you’re looking to chase crows or gobblers, the Flextone Lightning Crow will turn the tables and make them chase you. It promises long-range volume and authentic crow sounds to drop whatever bird you’re after. Flextone’s innovative Flex It...

  • Flextone Thunder Gobble Gen 2

    Flextone Thunder Gobble Gen 2

    Gobbling can be a difficult turkey call to master, but it doesn't have to be with the Flextone Thunder Gobble. The ergonomic mouthpiece and double reed construction of this hybrid design give callers the most important element of a good gobble: control...

  • Flextone Thunder CutN Gen2

    Flextone Thunder CutN Gen2

    The Flextone Thunder Cut'N excels in mid- to long-range calling to fire up distant gobblers. Convincingly reproduce the loud, aggressive cutting sounds of a hen turkey by blowing into the handheld call. Like all Thunder Series calls, the Thunder Cut'N is...

  • Flextone Thunder Cluck-N-Purr Gen2

    Flextone Thunder Cluck-N-Purr Gen2

    The Flextone Thunder Cluck-N-Purr is the perfect close to mid range turkey call to coax your bird right into your path. Seductive hen turkey clucks and purrs are often difficult to master with diaphragm and box calls, but the Thunder Cluck-N-Purr...

  • Flextone Pot Luck Slate

    Flextone Pot Luck Slate

    A traditional surface set in a carbon pot creates complete weatherproof protection in the Flextone Pot Luck Slate. Carefully placed over a glass soundboard, the slate produces a complete range of realistic turkey sounds; most notably, high-pitched...

  • Flextone Thunder Yelper Gen2

    Flextone Thunder Yelper Gen2

    Yelps are an important call for turkey hunters to produce, but it can be tough to get them right with diaphragm or box calls. The Flextone Thunder Yelper takes care of that with an easy-to-use hybrid design. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, you'll...

  • Flextone Pot Luck Glass

    Flextone Pot Luck Glass

    The Flextone Pot Luck Glass packs rugged durability into a compact, weatherproof design. The pot and included striker are made of sturdy carbon to seal them off from moisture. This pot keeps calling even when the rain starts falling. The glass calling...

  • Flextone Coyote Rage

    Flextone Coyote Rage

    Traditional calls weren't providing the results we wanted at Flextone, so they created an entirely new game call category altogether. Their design mimics a rigid voice box surrounded by soft, flexible neck and mouth tissue. This gives Flextone calls the...

  • Flextone Ol Bushytail

    Flextone Ol Bushytail

    Enter the Flextone Ol' Bushytail four-in-one squirrel call. Squirrels are vocal critters, and it usually only takes one call to get them all talking. Ol' Bushytail offers four realistic and deadly calls to strike up a conversation with all the fox or...

  • Flextone Dirty Lil Hen

    Flextone Dirty Lil Hen

    The Flextone Dirty Lil' Hen is a double reed call without any cuts. This double reed produces clear kee-kees and clear tone for loud or soft calling. Double reed without any cuts Perfect fall call produces clear kee-kees Clear tones for loud or soft...