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  • Black Dark Navy Storm Kangaroo Ranger Green

    5.11 Tactical

    Tactec Plate Carrier

    5.11 Tactical brings you the TacTec Plate Carrier, which were designed to be the most lightweight and best- fitting plate carriers you can find and constructed to ensure high performance while remaining lightweight and mobile.

  • Exotech Hard-Shell Shin Guards Exotech Hard-Shell Shin Guards Exotech Hard-Shell Shin Guards

    Monadnock Products

    Exotech Hard-Shell Shin Guards

    The EXOTECH Hard-Shell Shin Guards feature built-in knee pads and an upper knee stabilizing strap with protective padding. Three hook and loop elastic straps on the backside of the leg provide a secure fit. Three sizes.

  • Exotech Thigh & Groin Protection Exotech Thigh & Groin Protection Exotech Thigh & Groin Protection

    Monadnock Products

    Exotech Thigh & Groin Protection

    The ETP200 is a combination piece designed to protect the thigh & groin. It has adjustable elastic straps with hook and loop fasteners. The groin section features EVA foam padding with a mesh outer covering and an inner polyethylene shell. Three sizes.

  • Black OD Green MultiCam/Khaki

    High Speed Gear

    Bungee Replacement Kit

    HSGI Bungee Replacement Kit is a repair/replacement item for the Wasatch/Weesatch Series of plate carriers, Modular Open Top Magazine Pouches, and the TACO Single. This is also a good kit for your any project where you are adding bungee retention to an...

  • Black


    Hard Shell Forearm/Elbow Protector

    FlexForce FA30 forearm and elbow protector design provides substantial protection from blunt force trauma without sacrificing the fit or comfort. The modular connection between the forearm and elbow portions of the pad allows for flexibility of movement...

  • Drop Leg Extender


    Drop Leg Extender

    If you need quick-release capability for your drop leg thigh rigs, this is the heat! Works w/ all BHI drop leg and holster systems.

  • Soft Trauma Plate

    Gh Armor Systems

    Soft Trauma Plate

    GH Armors trauma plates reduce blunt force trauma over the critical center chest area to help reduce injury.

  • Black


    Hard Shell Knee/Shin Guards W/ Non-Slip Knee Caps

    The Damascus DSG100 are considered essential equipment for tactical or disturbance control situations. The Imperial hard-shell shin guards feature built-in knee pads with Trion non-slip grip technology. The highly impact resistant units are made to...

  • Flexforce Modular Hard Shell Crowd Control System W/ Bag


    Flexforce Modular Hard Shell Crowd Control System W/ Bag

    This Damascus Protective Gear FlexForce crowd control system is specifically engineered for use by law enforcement and military personnel. The suit features 3 millimeter Electrum hardshell panels on the front and back, along with shock absorbing Protium...

  • Dk5 Riot Face Shield

    Paulson Manufacturing

    Dk5 Riot Face Shield

    Face shield designed to fit most PASGT style helmets with front brims. Shield locks into the stowed or deployed positions and can be released with one hand. Pivot and lock assembly can be transferred to right or left of the shield for individual...

  • Black Navy

    Voodoo Tactical

    Valor Standard R.C.C. Plate Carrier

    The Valor Plate Carrier from Voodoo Tactical is designed for rapid deployment in under five seconds to aid officers saving lives. This plate carrier is a high speed/low drag vest with unique fast securing front clips. Designed to carry standard 10x12...

  • Thin Red Line Thin Blue Line

    Thin Blue Line

    Dog Harness Thin Red Line

    Our new dog harness is perfect for Law Enforcement Supporters and dog lovers. This Thin Blue Line harness is great for walking and training pets. Our harness was designed to take the strain off of dog's necks. Woven from high-strength nylon material, the...

  • Black Coyote OD Green


    XTAK Knee Pads

    The XTAK Knee Pads are extremely light and flexible and provide superior protection, while remaining flexible enough to move the way the body moves. Thermal plastic urethane (TPU) shell with a Cordura nylon construction and the EVA high-density foam...

    $35.99 - $38.99
  • Black OD Green Coyote


    XTAK Elbow Pads

    The XTAK Elbow Pads are extremely lightweight and provide superior protection and shock absorption, while remaining flexible enough to move the way the body moves. The thermal plastic urethane (TPU) shell has a unique X shape and it features Cordura...

    $32.99 - $34.99
  • Black


    Advanced Tactical Elbow Pads V.2

    The HellStorm Tactical Elbow Pads are built for comfort and performance! Designed to give full range of motion in extreme tactical situations. Made with non-slip flexible molded Talon-Flex plastic contact area and 1000D Nytaneon nylon. These elbow pads...

  • Exotech Elbow & Forearm Protector Exotech Elbow & Forearm Protector Exotech Elbow & Forearm Protector

    Monadnock Products

    Exotech Elbow & Forearm Protector

    The EFP150 Elbow and Forearm Protector provides hard shell protection and is designed to work with the ExoTech System. Available in three sizes: XS/S, M/L, XL/XXL