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  • Jumbo Kraft Evidence Bags (50 Each)

    Jumbo Kraft Evidence Bags (50 Each)

    Made from 2-ply, 70 lb. gusseted Kraft paper, these Jumbo Kraft Evidence Bags have a 12'' (30.5cm) expansion. Perfect for storing large items, such as blankets or garments that won't fit into conventional bags. Use SIRCHIE's No. ZTE10, ET6 or EIL05R...

  • Nik Special Fentanyl Test Pack

    Nik Special Fentanyl Test Pack

    NIK Fentanyl testing kit contains 5 boxes of tests to complete the testing sequence plus a box of neutralizer. NIK recommends a testing sequence for the presumptive detection of Fentanyl. The use of multiple tests helps eliminates the chance of erroneous...

  • Continuous Photo Scale Roll

    Continuous Photo Scale Roll

    This adhesive photo evidence scale measures millimeters on one edge and inches on the other. Each 2.5cm (1) by 9.1m (30’) roll features a repeating pattern every 30.5cm (12). The adhesive is non-permanent so that you can apply the scale and remove it...

  • Knife Evidence Boxes (16'' X 3'' X 2'') - Set Of 25

    Knife Evidence Boxes (16'' X 3'' X 2'') - Set Of 25

    Sirchie's Knife Evidence Boxes are custom designed and sized for safely and securely storing knives. Boxes are pre-printed on the outside for recording necessary chain of custody and identification information. Holes located in the bottom panel of the...

  • Lightning Powder - LP-1-0081

    Lightning Powder - LP-1-0081

    For maximum contrast against a dark-colored background, Lightning White Powder is recommended. Use a dedicated Zephyr Fiberglass Brush for white powder to avoid contamination from other colors of powder.

  • 12'' Nylon Releasable Evidence Ties

    12'' Nylon Releasable Evidence Ties

    Hold evidence in place when using SIRCHIE's evidence boxes - ECB001, ECB001G, or ECB001K. Holes in the bottom panels of the boxes allow the releasable ties to wrap around and secure evidence in place—hooking ties together for larger pieces of evidence...

  • Evidence Collection Tube (3'' X 12'') - Set Of 8

    Evidence Collection Tube (3'' X 12'') - Set Of 8

    In today's society, exposure to blood-borne diseases is a deadly serious problem. Use Sirchie's clear plastic evidence collection tubes to protect evidence collection personnel. The ETC3 tube is perfect for holding larger types of evidence such as knives...

  • Blood Alcohol Collection Kit W/eclipse Safety Needles

    Blood Alcohol Collection Kit W/eclipse Safety Needles

    This In-Vitro Blood Alcohol Kit is used for the collection and storage of whole blood drawn from arrestees. This kit contains two 10ml vacuum tubes containing 100mg Sodium Fluoride and 20mg Potassium Oxalate, instructions for use and all necessary forms,...

  • Zip-top Bags

    Zip-top Bags

    These durable 4 mil thick bags feature a white write-on space for content identification with a felt tip or regular pen.

  • Multi-color Forensic Rod Kit

    Multi-color Forensic Rod Kit

    These durable brightly colored fiberglass rods 45.7cm x .64cm (18 x 1/4) are an inexpensive alternative to steel trajectory rods. The ends of each rod are solid, so they can be used as penetration rods in the deceased. Rods can be centered in larger...

  • Identidrug Polytesting Desk Chart

    Identidrug Polytesting Desk Chart

    The Identidrug Desk Chart guides a user through the various steps required when testing a suspected narcotic with the NIK Polytesting System. It begins with a general screening and uses blocks of color to indicate color changes in the test kits. The...

  • Rifle Boxes - Pack Of 25

    Rifle Boxes - Pack Of 25

    Made of ultra-durable 200 psi burst strength cardboard stock, these evidence boxes were designed for strength and security. Pre-scored holes line the bottom of the box so you can quickly tie evidence down with nylon tie-downs. Fits most firearms...

  • Printed Evidence Flags

    Printed Evidence Flags

    Designed for use by themselves or with Evi-Paq ID Tents or Versa-Cones, these brightly colored flags are ideal for pre-marking evidence. Each flag has a rigid, metal posts and are pre-printed with the words Evidence - Do Not Touch. Each bundle includes...

  • Easy Print Desk Pad - 2.4'' Round

    Easy Print Desk Pad - 2.4'' Round

    Featuring a firm thermoplastic surface, ink rises to the surface of the pad quickly and prevents dry or worn spots from forming over time. Rich, black fingerprints are produced which meet all state and federal agency requirements. Once fingerprinting is...

  • Breakaway Security Tape

    Breakaway Security Tape

    The Safariland Breakaway Security Tape (1.38x108') protects the integrity of your items and evidence. Printed on an acetate base, the tape becomes extremely fragile when adhered to a surface. Attempts to remove the tape will cause it to shred. Serrated...

  • Lightning Lifts

    Lightning Lifts

    Clear, pre-cut latent print lifters. Works just like a strip of lifting tape—after the lift, place together again or adhere to the appropriate size and color-backing card.

  • Ink Small Round Pad Ink Small Round Pad

    Ink Small Round Pad

    Perfect Print ink pads, from Identicator, can be used on any plain paper and produce sharp, black fingerprints. The hard, ceramic surface features micropores which allow ink to quickly rise to the surface of the pad and prevents worn or dry spots from...

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  • Reversible Scale (300mm X 150mm)

    Reversible Scale (300mm X 150mm)

    These scales are designed primarily for footwear and tire track impression comparisons. They are excellent for verifying perspective distortion. The scales are printed on rigid vinyl plastic and feature exceptionally sharp division indicators. They also...

  • Buccal Swab Dna Collection Kit

    Buccal Swab Dna Collection Kit

    Used to collect Buccal cells for DNA processing. Simply follow the included directions to collect a sample by rubbing the included swabs inside the subject’s mouth. Each kit includes gloves, documentation forms and security labels. Place the swab in the...