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  • Blood Alcohol Collection Kit W/eclipse Safety Needles

    Blood Alcohol Collection Kit W/eclipse Safety Needles

    This In-Vitro Blood Alcohol Kit is used for the collection and storage of whole blood drawn from arrestees. This kit contains two 10ml vacuum tubes containing 100mg Sodium Fluoride and 20mg Potassium Oxalate, instructions for use and all necessary forms,...

  • Single-use Tweezers, Pack Of 10

    Single-use Tweezers, Pack Of 10

    Nickel-plated tweezers can be cleaned in alcohol, solvents or autoclaved. It is important not to use metal tweezers when processing with Physical Developer. Instead, our disposable polystyrene tweezers are available either loose or in single-use...

  • Large Rifle Boxes

    Large Rifle Boxes

    Made of ultra-durable 200 psi burst strength cardboard stock, these evidence boxes were designed for strength and security. Pre-scored holes line the bottom of the box so you can quickly tie evidence down with nylon tie-downs. Designed to accommodate...

  • Zip-top Bags

    Zip-top Bags

    These durable 4 mil thick bags feature a white write-on space for content identification with a felt tip or regular pen.

  • Zip-top-evidence-bags


    These bags feature a white translucent writing space, allowing you to write pertinent information on the outside of the bag with a standard pen or felt tip marker.

  • Printed Paper Evidence Bags Style 86

    Printed Paper Evidence Bags Style 86

    There’s no need for labels. Simply place your evidence inside the bag and seal with evidence seal or tape. You can log your information along with a chain of possession on the outside of the bag.

  • Printed Evidence Flags

    Printed Evidence Flags

    Designed for use by themselves or with Evi-Paq ID Tents or Versa-Cones, these brightly colored flags are ideal for pre-marking evidence. Each flag has a rigid, metal posts and are pre-printed with the words Evidence - Do Not Touch. Each bundle includes...

  • Easy Print Desk Pad - 2.4'' Round

    Easy Print Desk Pad - 2.4'' Round

    Featuring a firm thermoplastic surface, ink rises to the surface of the pad quickly and prevents dry or worn spots from forming over time. Rich, black fingerprints are produced which meet all state and federal agency requirements. Once fingerprinting is...

  • Breakaway Security Tape

    Breakaway Security Tape

    The Safariland Breakaway Security Tape (1.38x108') protects the integrity of your items and evidence. Printed on an acetate base, the tape becomes extremely fragile when adhered to a surface. Attempts to remove the tape will cause it to shred. Serrated...

  • Lightning Lifts

    Lightning Lifts

    Clear, pre-cut latent print lifters. Works just like a strip of lifting tape—after the lift, place together again or adhere to the appropriate size and color-backing card.

  • The Breeze Single-use Disposable Fiberglass Brush

    The Breeze Single-use Disposable Fiberglass Brush

    The Breeze Fiberglass Brush is a single-use, disposable latent print brush designed for use at crime scenes when cross-contamination is a top concern. The Breeze uses the same ultra-soft fibers that have been used for decades in the Zephyr fingerprint...

  • Fingerprint Station Fingerprint Station

    Fingerprint Station

    This simple, portable fingerprinting station, consists of our standard fingerprint cardholder with large Perfect Print pad mounted on a compact 15.2cm x 43.2cm (6 x 17) fingerprinting platform. The platform has rubber feet on the base to prevent slipping...

    $83.99 - $168.99
  • Buccal Swab Dna Collection Kit

    Buccal Swab Dna Collection Kit

    Used to collect Buccal cells for DNA processing. Simply follow the included directions to collect a sample by rubbing the included swabs inside the subject’s mouth. Each kit includes gloves, documentation forms and security labels. Place the swab in the...

  • Applicant Fingerprint Cards

    Applicant Fingerprint Cards

    This is the standard FBI fingerprint card, form No. FD-258 used by the FBI, Bureau of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, and many police agencies for noncriminal fingerprinting (such as for employment clearances or immigration purposes). Packs of...

  • Barricade Tape - TS-BT01

    Barricade Tape - TS-BT01

    Pro-Line Safetys barricade tapes are great for marking off dangerous areas. Barricade tapes are made of safety yellow or danger red polyethylene. These above ground marking tapes are available in several mil thicknesses.

  • Bio-foam Impression Kit

    Bio-foam Impression Kit

    Making footwear impressions with BIO-FOAM takes only seconds. The resulting impressions are three dimensional reproductions of the original footwear. Ideal for quickly recording impressions of the right and left shoe and storing them in a convenient...

  • Nark Ii Hemp/cbd Screening Test

    Nark Ii Hemp/cbd Screening Test

    This latest addition to the NARK II Product Line is a new screening test that enables you to determine if an unknown plant or oil substance has suspect low levels of THC and is a legal hemp/CBD product, or if it has suspect high levels of THC, and is...